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New to Sailing?

Why Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy Sailing is one of the best ways to get away from it all, leaving the daily grind of a hectic work life behind whilst enjoying the excitement of being on the water. Relax with a much slower pace of life cruising the Solent, push yourself physically on a Skiff or socialise with friends the options are endless.

Start Dinghy Sailing

Getting out on the water for the first time is easy at Weston Sailing Club. If you want to venture out on the water, under sail, then look no further than the training section of our website to help you take your first steps afloat.

Dinghy (small boat & multihulls)

Dinghies provide an exciting and cost effective way of getting afloat to experience the thrills of sailing. You could take the family cruising, participate in high octane and fast performance sailing, race or just sail on your own for fun.


  • Challenging

  • Close to the Elements

  • Fun

  • Excitement

  • Family involvement


The great thing about dinghy sailing is that it provides one of the cheapest ways to get afloat. It is also the quickest and easiest way to learn to sail as dinghies are easy to rig, anyone can handle them and they are very responsive, providing limitless entertainment for everyone.

Dinghy Sailing Training for beginners
Sail training for beginners

What's it about?

Dinghies are open boats which are suitable for day sailing in a variety of areas both inland and on the open sea. They are fun and exciting whilst bringing you closer to nature.

Learning to sail…

Feva sail training

Pop down to Weston...

So pop down to Weston and chat to one of the Committee members for more information. Ask them and yourselves the following questions?...


  • What kind of club is Weston? Is it friendly (of course!)

  • Will you be sailing on your own, as a couple or family?

  • What kind of boats do people sail at Weston, and what sort are good for beginners?

  • What are your aspirations?

  • When do we sail at Weston? see our Calendar

  • If you're interested in buying a Dinghy, what sort of budget you have?

Craft Hire - for Club Members

During scheduled club sailing, club members and/or their guests may be able to rent one of our club craft. The current prices are below for members (Guest rates are on the Craft Hire Form):


Please ensure you complete the Craft Hire Form before you rig the boat, available below, or at the club, and your hire has been approved.

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