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Powerboat Training

The club aims to have as many members as possible who can undertake the Powerboat Driver duty to hold a RYA Powerboat Level II certificate or equivalent.

Powerboat training

Sail Training

Sail Training courses are arranged if there is sufficient demand from members and the primary purpose of the training course is to improve members’ skills and knowledge.


WSC is not authorised to award RYA certificates and participants must be at least 8 years old at the start of the training.


The training courses will usually make use of WSC’s Fevas, Picos, Toppers, Lasers and Visions. Participants are also encouraged to use their own boats but these must be fully insured.


If you wish to attend one of these training courses then please email the link below to register your interest.


Any questions please email

Learning to sail in a Topper
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